About us


We are a young company with lots of experience and we want to grow with you by our side.

Our purpose is to render a personalized and professional service to medical practitioners nationwide that will satisfy their unique needs. With our services we promote the financial stability and continuous cash flow of your medical practice, without affecting or damaging the trust relationships between the medical practitioners and their patients.

We follow a hands-on approach to ensure a personal and professional ser-vice to our clients. Medical practices are therefore sensibly grouped to be administered by dedicated and skillful personnel.

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What we offer

We want to help you grow your practice and increase your practices turn-over and thus increase your cash flow. We have extensive experience in the billing of patients and the submitting of claims to all the medical aids. 

Included in these services we follow up to the medical aids, as well as private billings to insure you get all your pay-ments due to you.

We follow proven operating procedures born from experience that has taught us how to optimally process medical claims and recover fees from medical schemes and patients for all types of Medical Practices.

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Telephone Number:  082 326 5688 

Email Address:  info@mpbsolutions.co.za

Postal Address: 245 Zambezi Drive

Sinoville Pretoria 0182

Physical Address: PRETORIA 245 Zambezi Drive

Sinoville 0182 

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